Security Services in Chelmsford

The Tower Security headquarters is located just a few miles from the city of Chelmsford, with mobile patrols and rapid response teams ready to take action when needed. Our team of security personnel aim to be on-site within 20 minutes of an alarm being activated, at which point a full security assessment will be carried out and the local police forces will be called if needed. The close relationships we have formed with local alarm engineers and other security specialists add extra value to our already acclaimed service.


Commercial Security in Chelmsford

Chelmsford is the only city in Essex, and is well known for being host to a wide range of events as well as home to many businesses. Our security services include event management, keyholding and alarm response as well as static and mobile guards, dog handlers and rapid response teams – all of which can be mixed and matched to build a security programme to meet a commercial client’s specific needs.


Case Study: Keyholding service with mobile patrols to lock and unlock offices used by field workers in Chelmsford.

The client came to us with concerns about the safety of field-based workers that use rented offices, and about the security of the offices themselves. The staff are usually lone workers and on flexi time, so there is no accountability for their safety or office security. The client had already provided the workers with lone worker devices for their safety, so we were asked to ensure the offices could be secured. Our solution was to provide mobile patrols to check that the building is locked and secure. The patrol team is also responsible for environmental checks – making sure that, taps, air con and lights are switched off and that windows are closed. All of this ensures the safety of staff and the security of the building, with added eco credentials.


Residential Security in Chelmsford

Many of Chelmsford’s 170,000 residents commute to London for work, or own second homes closer to the city to make the journey shorter. There are also many Chelmsford homeowners who have holiday abodes overseas. Whatever the reason a property may be left empty, Tower Security can provide a bespoke keyholding and alarm response plan to suit. We also provide void property inspections for properties left empty for long periods.

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